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We have a crazy list of gourmet popcorn flavors!

With nearly 200 flavors and counting, it's simply impossible to keep them all available all the time. Instead, we keep a core set of flavors available in the Tasting Room at all times. Then we rotate through our list of flavors constantly. You can visit one day, and have a completely new experience just a few days later! Flavors sell quickly so some may sell out. Additionally, there may be flavors available that are not shown here. Stop by and find out!

Rebel Popcorn is a totally new, gourmet concept in popcorn. There are NO rules! We offer more than 120 unique flavors.

Find out what the Fort Collins Coloradoan thinks of our popcorn

All of our popcorn starts out with our signature blend of natural, top-quality popcorn. From there the rules break down very quickly, with spectacular results.

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