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5 Reasons To Have Birthday Cake Popcorn at Your Next Party

Posted by Tim Solley on

Let's face it, you've been hosting the same party again, and again, and again. It is time to rebel against the same old parties! Rebel Popcorn is the perfect choice to take your party to the next level.

Here are 5 reasons to serve Rebel Popcorn's Birthday Cake at your next party:

1. It starts with our signature blend of premium popcorn

We use two kinds of popcorn for all of our caramel covered creations. It starts with super jumbo "mushroom" popcorn, which refers to it's shape, resembling a mushroom. These kernels are big, round, and fluffy. Then we add in just the right amount of "butterfly" popcorn. These kernels have little "wings" that let the caramel get down into all the little crannies.

2. It is covered in white caramel

As with all our popcorn flavors, we make everything from scratch. No pre-made packages or commercially available caramel mixes. Our Birthday Cake white caramel is made simply, with real sugar and butter. The result is a popcorn that tastes real, and has a delicious crispy texture.

3. It is drizzled in white chocolate

Once the popcorn comes out of the kettle, it is cooled and laid out on large sheet pans. We then drizzle it with premium white chocolate, by hand.

4. It's covered in rainbow sprinkles

Does this really need any explanation? Rainbow sprinkles are awesome!

5. Your parties will never be the same again

When people try our popcorn, they stop dead in their tracks and forget about whatever else it was they were thinking about. We see this every day when someone tries a sample for the first time. When you serve our Birthday Cake popcorn at your next party, you will definitely make it a party to remember!

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