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Coming Soon: Rebel Popcorn Tasting Room and Store

Posted by Tim Solley on

When new customers take their first bite of Rebel Popcorn, the first thing out of their mouth (other than "whoa...yum!") is always a question: "Where is your store?"
We're pleased to announce that the first Rebel Popcorn Tasting Room and Store is opening soon! We're incredibly excited about this next step for Rebel Popcorn. As you can see above, we were stoked just to sign the lease to the new space!

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Where will the store be located?

The new store will be in the Scotch Pines Village shopping center at the corner of Drake Rd. and Lemay Av. in Fort Collins. You might know this as the shopping center where Sprouts Market is located. It is also home to a few other familiar business like Starbucks, Island Grill, The Fox and the Crow, and Great Harvest Bread Company. We'll be on the end next door to Great Harvest on the Drake Rd. side of the shopping center.
If you're more interested in the address, we'll be at:
2601 S. Lemay Ave., #2
Fort Collins, CO 80525

When will the store be open?

October 30th! 
The best way to keep track and get updates, is to follow us on Facebook. We post there frequently!

What can I buy at the new store?

We've found a lot of success at markets and events in inviting people to come in and go on a guided tasting journey with us. We truly love sharing our amazing creations with everyone! So we envision the Tasting Room in much the same way.
We'll be offering a core set of flavors that we'll always have on hand. Other than those, we'll have a rotating list of 20-30 flavors for you to sample. Try one or try them all. Once you've found some flavors you love, you can choose the size package you'd like. We'll either seal it up as-is, or give you the option of customizing your bag with a Rebel Shot. You can mix in a scoop of many fun extras. Like chocolate chips? Toss some in. M&Ms? Nuts? Reeses Pieces? You can mix them in to make your package of gourmet popcorn your own. We'll have lots of choices.

What will the store hours be?

We're still working out the fine details of hours, but we're targeting seven days a week from about 10:00 am until 6:00 pm. We'll let you know if the hours change.

Will you offer gift items for the holidays?

Absolutely! We've got lots of fun things planned for the holidays. Fun, seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Cherry Cordial, and more! Rebel Popcorn will make great gifts for the holidays. We plan to offer gift totes that you can customize (we'll even help you choose flavors for the lucky recipient). 
Additionally, you'll be able to purchase gift cards if you just can't decide on flavors.

Who is Rebel Popcorn?

We're four people who had a hard time following the rules in school, that's who! Rebel Popcorn is made up of two husband/wife teams. Looking at the photo at the top of this page (of us excited when we signed the lease on our new store!), you'll see Geoff and Heather on the left. On the right, Tim and Elizabeth.
We became friends when our daughters went to the same preschool. We all shared a common vision of creating a cool new business in Fort Collins, and the rest is history. We're passionate about popcorn, food, flavors, and having a business that let's us have fun with our community. We hope you'll stop by and visit us some time. We love meeting and talking to people!

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